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AFE 2020 VFR Flight Guide - Spiral Bound Edition

The 2020 edition of the UK VFR Flight Guide has
-Full details on over 525 airfields, basic date on another 350 private sites.
-Every page fully reviewed and updated every year by our renowned editorial team.

• A flight guide designed by pilots, for pilots
• Comprehensive flight planning section – met. codes; flight plan filing instructions;
• Over 350 further UK airfields with basic data
• Includes farm strips and glider sites
• ICAO locators and lat/long co-ordinates in decimals for direct entry into GPS
• All maps professionally drawn in full colour
• Runway lengths and Navaid frequencies on map
• Airfield e-mail and website addresses
• Airfield facilities for disabled pilots listed, compiled with the assistance of the BDFA
• Every airfield entry checked, revised and updated every year
• All essential information available at a glance