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Microavionics Blue MM001 - UL100 Microlight Headset - for 3 Axis

£260.00 £216.67 (ex. VAT)
Some other UK manufactured intercoms are compatible with this item.

Self contained electronics with onboard NIMH batteries give over 100 hours between re-charges.  (No re-charge is needed if using a powered radio interface)  The headset uses a military specification noise cancelling electret microphone designed for high noise environments, coupled with a speaker that gives excellent sound qualities.  The ear defender used is a new style for 3 Axis.  Fitted with the latest liquid ear seals which reduce the pressure point effect from extended use - also for users wearing glasses and reduce ambient noise penetraton.  The headset comes with individual volume dial mounted on the left earcup, Small windmuff, and strong PUR curly cable with a 7 pin locking bayonet socket. 
A Pair of headsets can be plugged in to a linking adapter, giving a simple intercom between pilot and passenger.  Using this system you ca move aircraft to aircraft without any fixed equipment.  I you require connection to a radio, cell phone, second radio or music, then you would connect each headset to a radio interface.  Of course a headset can be used on its own or as a pair.

Liquid Gel ear seals
Military specification noise cancelling electret microphone
High quality speaker for superior speech reproduction
SMD electronic noise filtering circuitry
Heavy duty PUR curly cable with 7 pin bayonet locking connector