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Microavionics MM020A-N Helmet, Visor, Visor Lock & Neoprene AirDam

£199.00 £165.83 (ex. VAT)
Tested and certified to European Airborne sports standard EN966 and carries the CE marking.
A composite helmet designed to be worn over a standard microlight/ ULM headset. The outer shell is made from composites and has an EPS shock absorbent liner with a webbing strap and quick release buckle. The helmet is light weight, at only 700grams.

A clear or half tint visor is available. Fitted with a Neoprene Air Dam wind deflector to the bottom of the visor.  Our visors are UV protected, have an anti scratch coating and have been tested to British standards.

Helmet sizing is measured around the head just above the eyebrow sizes are
Small: 55-56cm,  Medium:  57-58cm,  Large:  59-60cm &  Extra Large:  61-62 cm.