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Pooleys MB-6 Microlight Knee Board

£16.99 £14.16 (ex. VAT)

The Microlight Pilot's Knee Board is ideally suited for use within the Microlight environment, and is popular with fixed wing and flexwing  microlight pilots, due to the convenient compact size, and snug leg moulding.

Manufactured and finished in a rigid heavy gauge blue plastic, the MB6 boasts an elasticised Velcro fastening thigh strap, and a moulded cushioned back for comfort.

It comes fitted with a spring clip for retention and is useful for Landing Diagrams, Approach plates and Microlight Flight Logs.

The kneeboard also holds a metal spring pencil clip. Printed white lettering usefully details Pre-flight prep list, search and rescue signals, distress message, Volmet, transponder codes, and potion report.

Size 130mm (w) x 232mm(h)